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“The Chosen One” is much more than just a phrase, theme, or brand. The meaning behind it is far more significant. Being A or being THE “Chosen” one is Authenticity. It’s Resilience. It’s  your ability to understand when life decides to test you, that tough times won’t last forever. It’s one’s ‘Quest For Truth’. It is your inner knowing. “Spidy Senses” if you will.  


Being “Chosen” is a way of life. Everyone cannot be a “Chosen One”, a few examples of those “Chosen Ones” aka The Black Sheep’s of the groups consist of; LeBron James, Tom Brady, Muhammad Ali, and one of my many idols Lil Wayne. All four of these different individuals I believe share a few things in common that made them into “The Chosen Ones” that they are considered to be. And that’s being able to Rise through Adversity, understand that there IS light at the end of every tunnel, and they all understood the importance of hard work & dedication towards a craft.  


One of my favorite quotes of all time is “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”. But imagine what happens when you decide to mix the Talent, WITH the Hard Work? I believe that answer is I, Projectbabyjv. “The Chosen One”.

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