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About The Album

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I began my musical journey during the year of 2020 and my first ever song “Top Shottas” was released around this same time 4 years ago. I unknowingly started working on this album the year of 2021.

Meeting my producer/engineer (Jamaal Anderson) the same year I began my musical journey, helped me out tremendously. Jamaal helped elevate and cultivate my sound as an artist and helped me view myself as far more than just a rapper. But more of an Artist. I believe I am a TRUE artist, and the music is my canvas.  


During these times you don’t necessarily know or understand what you’re doing because you’re still just starting out and unlike a lot of seasoned vets that I know, I didn’t have any guidance or experience with anything music related. I learned through experience and taught myself everything that I know. And that I’m forever grateful for. But when in the moment, life is moving, & it’s moving at a rapid pace. And if you truly understand the dedication of hard work, you’ll look up 2-3 years later and have an entire project that’s worth being proud of.  This album is filled with a lot of emotions.


I asked a close friend of mine, “when you listen to my music what do you hear?” His response?  “Pain. Hunger. Resilience”. And this was the exact response that I was looking for. ​​

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